About Company

SEIKO KDS CO., LTD. (SEIKO KENSETU DENKI SETSUBI COMPANY LIMITED) was established based on Vietnamese - Japanese cooperation. With many years of experience in the field of consulting, design and construction, M&E, refrigeration, fire protection, ... for civil, industrial and commercial projects. With professional knowledge, many years of experience in this field, we wish to bring to our customers products and works with the most optimal solutions "Offer the best solution for customers".

Our Services

    Construction: With specialized knowledge in construction, along with in-depth understanding of production systems, we will bring the most optimal solution for your project.
  • D. DENKI (M&E)

    Electricity: Construction of electromechanical systems in accordance with the needs of customers, with the motto "Safety first". “Safe construction, peace of mind for customers” Proposing necessary solutions for customers.

    Facility: Office design, shop house design, factory technology equipment design, etc. We support the improvement of production productivity. We will recommend the most necessary equipment and services.